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Leigh graduated with a BSc in Sports Science & Exercise from the University of St Mark & St John in 2013. During her time at University, Leigh was particularly interested in Injury Prevention and the process and importance of correct recovery for maintaining a healthy body and mind to achieve optimum performance. Leigh applies this knowledge in her daily life, helping her maintain a high level of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Since graduating from University in 2013, Leigh-Anne qualified as a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist with Premier Global International. With 6 years experience across the UK and Dubai, Leigh-Anne has worked with a range of clientele including post-operation rehabilitation, elderly, GTI racers and professional golfers. This broad range of clientele exposed Leigh to a wide range of injuries, allowing Leigh to build her skill set, technique and knowledge under the guidance of top professionals in the industry. Leigh takes pride in her assessment protocols so the best treatment plan caters to the individual needs of her client. Depending on the client and conditions, Leigh uses a variety of techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, soft, and deep tissue massage.

Leigh-Anne has a passion for understanding the human body and believes education, training and development is a fundamental requirement of her role. As such, Leigh-Anne is currently studying Osteopathic Medicine at the London, University College of Osteopathy.

Massage in Wokingham
MAssage in Wokingham