12 Week Immune Boost Programme

Are you 40+ years young and want to get back into shape since being in lockdown?

Do you need to increase your immune system to stay healthy and strong?

If the answer is yes we’re inviting YOU to join our Immune Boost 12 Week Programme.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Beat The Virus

Just Two, 30 Minute Sessions Per Week And We Guarantee Results

If you are looking to…

  • Increase your Immune System
  • Reduce your risk of diseases and pain
  • Improve your health and fitness.
  • Be part of a community of other like-minded 40+ people all working toward a common goal.
  • Safely build your bone and muscle strength.
  • Bring your biological age down.
  • Get the results that you are looking for with a programme that suits your lifestyle, with just 30 mins exercise twice per week.
  • Exercise in a non-intimidating environment that is NOTHING like a regular Gym and puts your safety first.

If the answer is YES, we are running a training programme to empower the 40+ people of Wokingham and increase their immune system without having to fill you full of medication and without having to spend hours in an intimidating gym environment.

During the Programme, you will learn…

  • How to use strength training in an effective way to build functionality, lose weight, gain flexibility, increase your immune system and make you feel pleased with how you look in the mirror.

  • How to eat the right foods at the right time WITHOUT starving yourself so that you can finally stick to a way of eating that is both healthy and satisfying.

  • How to lose weight and keep it off so that you can spend more time wearing those clothes that you used to fit in!

  • How to quickly and effectively exercise in a fun way that actually makes you WANT to exercise because you WILL enjoy it.

eActiv Health Lounge is located in the newly developed Peach Place just behind Gails Bakery. 

We provide…

  • An intelligent 30-minute Immune Boost training programme that is tailored specifically for 40+ Users who want to improve their Immune system and lifestyle.

  • Coaching from our motivating and knowledgeable team

  • 100% support so you do not have to do it alone.

  • A community of other like minded people all working toward a common goal.

  • Results that are tracked so that you can see your progress.

  • A safe and  non-intimidating environment that is NOTHING like a regular gym with your safety a priority.


A 30 minute continuous circuit that ensures queue time is limited giving you the ability to workout quickly and effectively.

A separate entrance and exit to the premises for a safe flow of traffic and an easy to follow marked system.All our equipment is spaced at least 2 metres apart.

Equipment cleaning solutions at every station.Temperature checks upon entry to the club.

All our staff are equipped with PPE and trained and certified in social distancing and safe practice.

Unlike a traditional gym our system ensures that all members are kept at least 2 metres apart throughout the entire workout process.

Only 12 Spots Left

You have nothing to lose except perhaps some extra weight and some aches and pains…